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Oberstufenangebot wird ausgebaut


Press Coverage "Oberstufenangebot wird ausgebaut"

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Maths in Art


The children have been reflecting on a successful Maths in Art week at FOUR-FOREST after creating pieces of art displaying symmetry, shape, form and pattern. Throughout the week they were able to develop key learning skills whilst looking at maths in a range of ways. From Kandinsky to Escher, the Grand Art Exhibit showcased wonderful work using artists as examples of how maths is not only all around us but also how maths can be truly beautiful. 


Fasnachtsparty mit Talentshow


Am Mittwochmorgen haben sich die Kinder der FOUR-FOREST Schule gemeinsam mit ihren Lehrpersonen auf die bevorstehende Fasnacht eingestimmt.

Unzählige tolle Kostüme waren dabei auf der Tanzfläche anzutreffen. An der Talentshow kam man kaum aus dem Staunen heraus. Viele Kinder haben unglaublichen Mut bewiesen und ihr Talent der ganzen Schule präsentiert. Das war wirklich eindrücklich!



This week the assembly was about Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Pig. The children at FOUR-FOREST learnt some fun facts about Chinese New Year; for example, it is one of the longest festivals that lasts for 15 days and that children in China will have a month off from school while the festival takes place. We also listened to a story about how the zodiac animals came to be and which animals are represented in the Chinese zodiac calendar.  After the assembly, class teachers helped the children work out which zodiac year the children were born in. As a follow on from the Chinese New Year assembly, some children, who take Chinese extra-curricular lessons, will recite a poem in Chinese at the next assembly about the zodiac animals! We are very much looking forward to the upcoming assembly!